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Here you can learn what you need to know when it comes to digitizing your business. Either you’re seeking to gain new business, network with other business owners, or simply improve yourself on digital marketing. You can do it all here. We’re doing our best to upload new content to further educate as many black people as possible.

The story of Digitally Black:

A young black business owner started a digital marketing agency but quickly realized his audience wasn’t that informed on the technical nor the vocabulary that is used in internet marketing. So the owner started teaching classes to small business owners and was able to successfully inform the neighborhood.

The decision was made to take this even further outside the neighborhood and expand. The goal is to build bridges to help the masses stay informed. Black people will not be left behind as technology improves. We’ll stay relevant to the times as we build our empires.

Why Digitally Black?

After making a visit to Ellis Island in New York, we thought about how well other races had it when it came to finding people of the same demographic and culture. Compared to how we arrived in America the story was night and day. So, we want Digitally Black to be the hub, home base the starting point for black businesses before navigating the digital world. All of what you may need to create, build, maintain, improve and optimize your business online you can find it here.

How Sway?

How we’ll do this is to educate you in the basics of what you need. From domain name, hosting, online store, social media account and more. We’ll expand your vocabulary or in this case, we’ll improve your bandwidth when it comes to this digital world. That way you are informed, empowered and knowledgeable enough to stay relevant to the times.


What we’ll do

We what you to win! We want to help you get more exposure. We’ll provide the basic info you need and expand from there. You are welcome to check out our blog. If you’re more of a visual person then, you can check out our YouTube channel. If you have any questions feel free to see our FAQs below.