Popular Black Owned Restaurants in Los Angeles

Popular Black Owned Restaurants in Los Angeles

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To anyone black who is visiting Los Angeles or is new to Los Angeles and did a google search for black-owned food places like, “black-owned restaurants near me” and you didn’t like the results, this article is for you.

Let’s start with the local favorites:

1. Woody’s BBQ

This has been the go-to place to get BBQ for many decades to black folks living in LA. Either you’re looking for $100 trays of food or simply trying to get a rib tip dinner this as the place to go to. The location on Slauson and Crenshaw is one of the more popular locations. Woody’s have been around for roughly 35 years and we’re proud to say they are still in business for we still see the long lines out the door of almost all their locations. But before we start a fight we must quickly move onto the next local favorite.

2. Phillip’s BBQ

Till this day the debate goes on with who’s better, Woody’s BBQ or Phillips. Either way, they are both good and both of these places have lines out the door on many of occasions. Especially during football and basketball season. The most popular location of Phillip’s is Crenshaw and Adams. There’s a big sign so you can’t miss it. The last time we’ve been there, more students from abroad who attend USC are getting some BBQ from Phillip’s.

3. The Fish Spot

If you’re in the mood for seafood then we recommend this place. From lobster to shrimp and more this place will have you and your stomach smiling. Many celebrities have come through this place so have your camera phone ready for you might just miss them. If you’re feeling lazy it’s all good you can order them on Postmates.

4. Watts Coffee House

If you’re looking for more black-owned coffee shops we, fortunately, found one. One thing we can appreciate about black-owned restaurants is the artwork they have inside their place by black creatives. You’ll never know what you’ll see nor see the history that has been captured. From Louis Armstrong to Billie Holiday you’ll catch pictures of many great black people who have walked this earth.

5. My Two Cents

Either you’re looking for lunch, dinner or dessert they got it. From Creole dishes to meatloaf to vegan spaghetti they got it. Now that we’re looking at their menu, that mango cheesecake sound bomb.

6. Stuff I Eat

Speaking of Vegan food if you are about that life then we recommend Stuff I Eat. Just because you’re in Inglewood doesn’t mean no one serves vegan food. The food look bomb, the chef looks bomb for her age all due to her fitness and eating routines.

7. Harold and Belle’s

Wanna know who else is bomb? This place. If you’re from the south especially Lousiana, you know we have this expectation when it comes to Etouffee and Jambalaya. We tried both and we can say from personal experience that their Jambalaya touched our soul. This place has become a jewel the black community in Los Angeles. Families to even big banks have their meetups here. This also makes a good place to take your date to.

8. Rusty Pot Cafe

Next time you’re visiting Market Street in Inglewood this is the place to go eat at. Not far from Inglewood High School. They serve both breakfast and lunch so if you’re trying to grab some good food while being close to the airport we recommend this place. Omlettes, burgers, fried chicken and salads it’s whatever you like.

9. Pips on La Brea

If you’re a lover of jazz music, good food and spending quality time with your loved one. This is the place to go. You can catch live music on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So bring your appetite and dancing shoes because this place will have you and your date right before the end of the night.

10. Mama Joan’s Soul Food

Despite the melting pot that is called Los Angeles, yes we do have places that cater to us black folks that are craving soul food. If you’re looking for some good old fashion soul food this is where you want to be. Yams, Mac n Cheese, seafood, greens and…well you already know what the works is when it comes to soul food. Some come get this work!

11. Brownstone Bistro

Who said LA didn’t have Caribbean food? We got this Carribean fusion fare going down at this place. Jerk chicken, Curried Shrimp, Aromatic Braised Oxtail bruh we can go on and on. So don’t be a stranger and come through this place. Oh did we forget to mention you can order food online from here? Yeah, you can order food online from this place. We got you fam.

12. Black Bottom Southern Cafe

If you from the south then this place will make you feel right at home. They do cook their bbq differently from Woody’s and Phillip’s

13. Underground Cafe

If breakfast is the most important meal to you then this is the place we recommend. That have your coffee with an amazing selection of soup

14. The Flavor Table

Ever wanted to taste the food that a personal chef of celebrities makes? Then you need to pay this place a visit. They have an excellent breakfast selection from omelets to ribs and pork chops.

15. Simply D’licious

This place has a wide variety of food available from southern creole entrees, gourmet burritos, sandwiches, etouffee, omelets to rib-eye steak and eggs. This place too takes orders online!

16.  Comfort LA

Next time you’re in downtown LA be sure to visit this place. They are open till 3 am Thursdays through Saturdays. Good food good vibes, good music, order online and they have vegan-friendly selections. Bruh you have to get some wings from this place.

Be sure to come back to Digitally Black for we will be updating this list and updating our directory with more black-owned businesses in Los Angeles.

Harold & Belle's a black owned restaurant in los angeles california




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