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See What Had Happened Was

By April 2, 2023No Comments

We have lots of house keeping to do before we get into that let us take you back to the beginning. We originally built this website as a means of a black business directory. We were overall successful for we had over 225 business listings on the site. We eventually got a blog post on the first page of Google. You can view it here: Popular Black Owned Restaurants in Los Angeles

However, the vid happened and then all of a sudden it was popular to talk about black businesses and trying to help them survive the pandemic. And our little website couldn’t compete against the LA times, Yelp etc. and so our blog post fell off the first page. Along with us taking on some other responsibilities we stopped updating the directory. Also keep in mind the site wasn’t bringing in any “money” for simply informing our people where to support black owned businesses was enough for us.

Now that we are rejuvenating this website. We will be delivering financial content to the community given light of new circumstances taking place around the world. For the rules of the game are changing and for some reason black people are always the last to know about it. We have watched other black influencers speak on the subject matter but no one is talking about what needs to be done in an in-depth matter. We do appreciate the black influencers who do their part to encourage, educate the culture rather than simply entertain it. We will be stepping up to the plate with information that is not financial adviceĀ but information to help everyday put the pieces to together to make an informed decision on which direction they must take to sustain, protect, and grow their finances.

We’ll be posting more written content for now and later on we’ll branch out. And remember.



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